Something Sunday

Something Sunday

We have so many things going on over here at the house, and I’m so excited to hopefully share it with everyone soon.

Fresh Coffee

Fresh Coffee

Tea Tree Oil, Almond milk and Oatmeal

Tea Tree Oil, Almond milk and Oatmeal

But in the meantime, we have soap that is ready for the shelves in a week (Spring break too, thank goodness!) and I did a test-run with the coffee soap, and it was luxurious. It honestly smelled like a fresh “cup o’ joe” in my shower. I also wanted to try our tea tree soaps, but you can only test so much merchandise at a time!

Primrose (left) and Violet (middle) imitating their momma (right).

Primrose (left) and Violet (middle) imitating their momma (right).

In other farm-y related news. My twin Leicester Longwools are doing wonderful! Violet and Primrose grow stronger everyday, and they are learning how to imitate their mother, Sara! Sara happens to turn 2 years old today, so wish her happy birthday in your thoughts wherever you are in the world!


In addition to having the Leicester Longwools for their wonderfully adorable lambs, I’m also really loving their fiber for heavy-wearing garments like boot socks, and gloves that get used well. Another really great thing I’ve found for the Leicester Longwool fiber is lockspinning. I learned how to do this in the last year and it’s really took off. I think it’s great for accent pieces in a garment, or for a weft accent in weaving.

Have a good week everyone! Spring break starts in 1 week and 12 hours and I can’t be more excited!


Freezing Friday

Hi everyone! Gosh, I said I would update often, yet here I am slacking! So some very exciting news to start.

Our first lamb of the season were born last night at 9pm in below freezing temperatures with windchill making everything worse. Luckily we had our eye on the ewe for a couple days so we knew what to expect. We set up cameras in the lambing station and watched her from the house for about 45 minutes after the water broke initially, then went to give her a little help as it seemed to be a bigger lamb. Surprise surprise the legs and head were right there! We gave a little assistance and out the first ewe came, so beautiful and full of life right away. As Sara was licking off her newborn baby and nickering to her, she gave birth to the second one with no assistance. Both of the lambs were very cold in the lambing area, so we brought them inside to sleep in the laundry room for the night. This morning I went out and they were up and moving and very happy and warm. So without further ado, I introduce to you Primrose and Violet!


Primrose (left) and Violet (right)

They are both doing incredibly well as is the mother. They are the first Leicester Longwools that were born at Flying Fibers, and we are very excited to continue on the preservation of this breed!

In other news it’s been freezing in Pennsylvania, and college has been so so busy. I started designing a hat last night in celebration of the lambs, and that’s all the knitting I’ve done in a while. Until next time (when I hopefully have more projects to show), stay warm!

Hello again.

Saltwater Taffy (handspun, handdyed, SW Merino)

Saltwater Taffy (handspun, handdyed, SW Merino)

Maybe I should start this blog up again. It has been a heck of a long time. Since my last post I have completed my senior year and started my schooling as a freshman again. I’m now constantly in the struggle of being a full time (dual major) university student, as well as owning the sheep/rabbits, being a fiber artist, helping to run Flying Fibers side by side with my mum, and just recently being a soap maker aficionado (that’s an exaggeration).

I will try and keep up with this blog and use it in addition to all other forms of social media. Bien sûr. 

À la prochaine! 

Something Sunday

Well, I’ve almost finished my Chevron Shawl, it just needs to dry and I need to take good photos of it, although I did finish weaving in ends on Friday, so it counts as a belated FO Friday I guess.


I am quite pleased with the finished object overall, and I think it feels lovely.

So, in celebration of finishing one project, I started my Whitlam Cowl! (oh boy, who would’ve thought I could easily pick up another project so quickly <– that is absolute sarcasm)


So far I’m enjoying the pattern, it was very quick to memorize. The only thing I don’t enjoy is that it’s very….curly…so therefore I can’t get a good photo of it until it’s blocked. Ah well I guess.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with that and get back to knitting.

Happy sunday!

WIP Wednesday


Well, as you can see, I was binding off on my Chevron shawl, and then I realized that it wasn’t stretchy enough for me, so I’m taking it all out and doing it again. Hopefully this will (finally) be my FO Friday!

Stash Sunday

Hi, just thought I’d do a little something on here, as my Chevron shawl I cast on a little over a week ago is taking foreevvvvvvveerrrr because its a little bigger than I thought it would be.



While on holiday this summer, I spoiled myself with some new yarns.


First I bought this lovely skein of Titus from baa ram ewe in Leeds. What a lovely store, with lovely people and lovely yarn. This yarn has Wensleydale in it, which is why I bought it.

I plan to make the Whitlam Cowl by Jo Spreckley out of it:


Don’t you think that’ll look luscious?

Then while on holiday in Paris this summer, we stopped by La Drougerie, which is like the most luxurious yarn shop in Paris. I bought 3 colours of Kaléïdo, which is a Bamboo/Linen blend. Très chic. 

DSC_0047 DSC_0049

I hope to make a striped tank-top out of these…we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Happy sunday!

FO Friday

Leaf Evolution

Leaf Evolution

So this week isn’t my own FO…it’s actually a regular at my Mum’s yarn shop, the reason I post this under my blog though is because this lovely Leaf Evolution shawl is made using my hand-dyed yarn (locally raised BFL/silk)! Linda is such a talented knitter, and I was so awestruck when she brought the shawl in, it’s such a perfect knitted piece! I can’t thank Linda enough for liking my yarn and I hope she (or whomever it was gifted to) enjoys it for years to come!

I just wanted to acknowledge her amazing talent and thank her once again!


Best wishes.